Welcome to my Books

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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site. Along the top of the page you’ll see tabs that you can open to see my novels and short story collections, assorted other books, interviews and other promotional material including short trailer films. There is also a place to contact me, and I promise to answer, though maybe not immediately if I’m away, or neck deep in producing a book.

Some of my friends took to calling me the eclectic indie, because I write across so many different genres. Hopefully that just means there will be something on this site to suit everyone’s taste.

My most popular books are the Sun series, a trilogy that comprises includes Sun Sea and Secrets, Return to Aegos and In Search of Small Treasures. The three books are also available as The Sun Trilogy. I’d call them travel romance with a hint of mystery, set in Greece, though the final book wanders a bit further afield.

My next most popular genre is horror, and I warn you it’s a bit graphic in the explicit violence and strong sex scenes. That’s Malbed Mews; though some say Escape to Europe is horror too, I call it social commentary on the refugee situation and Brexit, in the form of a novel with strong characters. Four to Dawn is drama, psychology, life, women’s stories; impossible to slot into a category. But again, I warn you, a bit sexually graphic in places.

I have written a variety of non fiction, from travel and cookery to an insight into a coven, and poetry. There are also two very different books of short stories, one a horror collection, kids stories, and essays. There is a 'confessions' book, and several blog life diary books too. Let’s not forget the book of seasonal photography, a hobby I like to incorporate into my book covers.

In the pipeline projects, in order of likely publication: A darkish horror mystery, A more traditional romance with a Dementia twist, a hippy space comedy, as well as another short story collection and another blog life.  Please do explore the site and links to my books, and happy reading.